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Su Patel

Su Patel is the founder and director of HR Training and Consulting Ltd. She started her career with one of the biggest retailers in the UK, and after twenty-seven successful years decided to share her experience with a wider audience. Su created The HR Leadership Academy where she trains best practise HR and empowers HR professionals globally to provide a world-class, human-centred approach to the profession.

Coming from a HR background, Su understands that working in HR can be quite challenging. Finding the right balance between what the business needs and doing the right thing for employees is no easy task for a HR professional, and it often creates an environment of overwhelm and poor decisions.

Su has published her book entitled “Putting The Human Back Into HR – Success as a HR professional begins with you!” She has also delivered a keynote speech at The HR convention for the Maldives Association for HR Professionals.

She says ‘As leaders we have a duty of care to our employees, if we want to keep great talent, we must develop them to become self-led, in their job and in their lives. The world needs more leaders! There is nothing complicated about people management – after all, we are all just people. Once we understand what’s important for one another we can serve one another better.’

Su is passionate about people development and has made it her personal mission to ensure every employee in organisations is valued and developed to be a leader, not just at work but also in their own lives so that they can create amazing futures for themselves and their families.

Su is a mum to 13 year old Pia. She serves the community by delivering complimentary Confidence and Empowerment workshops to women who have overcome trauma and challenges in their lives, she is also part of the leadership team for World Transformation Organisation whose mission is to provide access to personal development for everyone in the world.

Ross Trigwell

Ross has over twelve years’ experience working in operational management roles and has spent the last six working as a leadership and management development trainer and coach. Ross has a practical and pragmatic approach to delivering training interventions and has a solid track record in helping businesses and individuals achieve results through behavioural and cultural enhancements.

Establishing goals and having the right type of focus and mind-set is crucial in order to achieve results, thrive and realise potential, my job is to provide people and businesses with the tools and techniques they need to overcome the personal and modern day challenges that stand in the way.

Ross is a Blanchard Companies Partner and expert deliverer of Situational Leadership II, an accredited PrismTM Behavioural pro le practitioner, NLP Practitioner, and holds CIPD certi cates in both Learning and Development and Personnel Practice.

Putting The Human Back Into HR:
Success as an HR professional begins with you

HUMAN RESOURCES VS HUMAN PROCESSES HR professionals can be either very process and policy driven, or too soft and spend too much time listening to employee problems, often resulting in not being valued by the business or the staff.

Su Patel shares the 5 areas HR professionals need to master to be effective in their role, along with practical advice to develop a more balanced approach while making a positive impact on any business and the people who work there.Read this book and follow Su’s advice to:

Develop a great partnership brand where the business will value and respect you: Create an enjoyable work environment for your employees and yourself: Become more pro-active rather than re-active to change: Deliver measurable results and prove your worth to your company.

If you’re an HR professional, this book is about your personal development. It is about how you can bring all the areas of HR together, to feel more fulfilled in your role and bring your people along with you.

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With us, you are not alone!

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