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Practical HR Skills Workshop

By Su Patel on Tuesday, 17th April , 2018

To introduce participants to the 5 areas they need to master in HR – Partnership, Process, Productivity, Performance and Progress. As an HR professional, it is important to find balance within all of these areas – not just become a […]

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Truths about HR

By Su Patel on Sunday, 4th March , 2018

Human Resources – or Personnel Management, as it used to be known –  has been evolving quickly, but are companies keeping up? It’s been interesting observing how the profession has evolved over the years compared to how businesses have evolved […]

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Putting The Human Back Into HR:
Success as an HR professional begins with you

HUMAN RESOURCES VS HUMAN PROCESSES HR professionals can be either very process and policy driven, or too soft and spend too much time listening to employee problems, often resulting in not being valued by the business or the staff.

Su Patel shares the 5 areas HR professionals need to master to be effective in their role, along with practical advice to develop a more balanced approach while making a positive impact on any business and the people who work there.Read this book and follow Su’s advice to:

Develop a great partnership brand where the business will value and respect you: Create an enjoyable work environment for your employees and yourself: Become more pro-active rather than re-active to change: Deliver measurable results and prove your worth to your company.

If you’re an HR professional, this book is about your personal development. It is about how you can bring all the areas of HR together, to feel more fulfilled in your role and bring your people along with you.

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