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" Train your people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to "
Richard Branson

Do you work in HR and:

- struggle to get the support and guidance you need in your role?
- feel isolated as you’re the only person looking after HR in your company?
- are worried about making the wrong decision and getting caught out with a tribunal case?​

HR can be a very lonely profession, fire-fighting issues without the relevant information to hand. A profession where it’s difficult to find the perfect balance between what the business needs and doing the right thing for employees.

Often times, even though we have all of the right qualifications, it can be difficult to put theory into practice.

Our HR Academy is dedicated to offering world class training and coaching that goes beyond the confines of policies, procedures and legal updates.

We train HR professionals on implementing the people-focused reality of working in HR every day, developing a more rounded approach to support any business in all of its HR needs, turning the well qualified theory into real life practice.

We are immensely proud of our flagship training course, which breaks down the challenges of a working life in HR into easy and relatable sections. You will return to your workplace with more realistic and practical knowledge and the ability to put what you already know into practice.

We begin the journey with a value packed two day workshop, followed by a series of targeted learning days that are designed to be fun, engaging and informative.

Support that continues… long after your training has finished

Follow through is one of the weakest areas in HR training and education. Once you complete any of our workshops, you will be able to access targeted coaching and career advice from our highly qualified and passionate team, so that you can put your skills to work immediately.

We can even help you update your CV and, if you wish, add you to our global recruitment database of HR professionals – helping you move smoothly through the evolution of your HR career.

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