The HR Leadership Academy

" Train your people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to "
Richard Branson

The HR Leadership Academy trains and empowers HR professionals globally to provide a world-class, human-centred approach to the profession.

We understand that working in HR can be quite challenging.  Finding the right balance between what the business needs and doing the right thing for employees is no easy task for a HR professional, and it often creates an environment of overwhelm and poor decisions.

Our courses support HR professionals to multiply their power to impact business productivity by building the capability of people. Each HR Leadership Academy course facilitates participants in reaching their full potential within their organisation.

Our training puts the individual at the heart of the matter and works to create possibilities that don’t currently exist for them, supporting the development of new behaviours and facilitating challenges that occur throughout the duration of the training.

All courses are delivered in a classroom environment, either in-house or at a Central London location.


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