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HR Services

Are staff issues taking up your valuable time?

Are employee absences slowing down your business?

Are you frustrated with under performance and low productivity?

Are you afraid of the legal implications of disciplinary matters?

We will take the hassle out of HR and help you through any challenge!

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HR Training and Consulting Academy

Do you work in HR and:

  • struggle to get the support and guidance you need in your role?
  • feel isolated as you’re the only person looking after HR in your company?
  • are worried about making the wrong decision and getting caught out with a tribunal case?​

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Practical HR Skills Workshop

To introduce participants to the 5 areas they need to master in

HR – Partnership, Process, Productivity, Performance and Progress.

As an HR professional, it is important to find balance within all of these areas – not just become a master of one or two.

The course will cover these areas in detail, with practical exercises that are fun and engaging. Every participant will leave with an HR Toolkit.

A Personal Development Plan and an Action Plan to implement in the workplace. Each person will receive two, one hour 1:1 post course coaching sessions. In this, the trainer will support the participants in applying their new skills.

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