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With us, you are not alone!

Why we help SME's

Every year over 100,000 tribunals take place in the UK alone (Peninsula), most are unexpected and can get unnecessarily nasty.

The average cost to the company for defending a claim at an employment tribunal is upwards of £8,500 (British Chambers Of Commerce). It’s the Smaller companies that are most at risk and most likely to fail at a tribunal stage, usually due to a lack of preparation and foresight. Short cuts are easy to take and costly to cover, leading to financial disaster, all of which can easily be avoided.

Small to medium sized businesses are not getting an affordable level of support and are massively exposed to risk of tribunal claims, they just do not understand the implications of not having a HR platform to support their business, it’s a common blind spot that costs SMEs fortunes and often leads to business failure. They simply do not know what they do not know and taking short cuts costs them money and reputation.

Some businesses do have a few simple measures in place such as a basic telephone advisory service from large and expensive HR companies, but they are still at risk. They operate a reactive system as opposed to a proactive one. It’s like driving a car that’s not insured.

Basic things like, immigration checks, handbooks and contracts are often not in place, staff appraisals and training on health and safety are missing, leaving thriving businesses vulnerable.

Our commitment is to solve all potential issues before they become major problems.

Our growing teams passion for helping and supporting SMEs shows in our quality of work. Today we give them access to a total solution, where our highly trained team of professionals will work with them to grow their business and their people at affordable prices to support their size.

We have found that the only way to ensure businesses are fully protected is to work hand in hand with them on site and become part of their team. That’s exactly what our team do. We have a very proactive approach to HR and believe that prevention is definitely the cure!

Why we help HR Professionals

HR can be a lonely profession and it’s often difficult to balance the needs of the business with doing the right thing for employees. It’s easy to get caught between the two. Directors don’t think we are tough enough and employees can feel like HR does not care.

Many newly qualified HR staff struggle to implement the theory into real life practice and can end up fire fighting most of their time because they do not have all of the information and resources they need to hand or don’t have a mentor that can give reassurance and guidance in those important early months and years in their careers.

Our coaching and training programmes are designed to focus on the practical and people-focused reality of working in HR every day, so that you can develop a rounded and well-regarded function to partner your business.

About Me

Su Patel, the Founder and Director of HR Training and Consulting Ltd, has been a major influencer in high level HR.

She was given the single handed responsibility for creating and implementing a world class training program and creating all of it’s content for one of the most well known Supermarket brand chains in the UK.

After taking redundancy in 2016, she decided to put this unique high level experience to serve the world and HR Training and Consulting Ltd was born.

Today her company provides a suite of HR services to support owners of Start Ups as well as MDs of SMEs. They also provide coaching and training to HR professionals globally on how to provide the same level of world class HR service that transformed how HR was done in a company that employs thousands of people throughout the UK and still use her unique system to this day.

Today Su expresses her passion and love of serving people and businesses by combining her expertise in HR and her own personal development journey. Her story is inspiring thousands on stages across the country and her vision is to share it with the world.

“There is nothing complicated about people management, after all we are all just people. Once we understand what’s important for each other, we can serve each other better”. Su Patel

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With us, you are not alone!

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